Let’s Talk D.

DAGNY, that is!

I must admit I was late to the game, but damn does Dagny deliver. Hailing from Norway, Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, aka Dagny came onto the scene via her vehicle Backbeat off her debut EP Ultraviolet. Turns out Dagny isn’t coincidentally talented, she’s the daughter of a vocalist and a jazz musician. It all makes sense.

Wearing Nothing was truly my first euphoric pop-moment of bliss and formal introduction to Dagny. Yes, it’s a seductive summer jam, but there’s something so Swede about it that makes it different. Dagny also delivers on the vocal front (check out her live performances), so that’s already setting her apart from all the other steamy summer-single divas. The video is also an amazing play on the lyrics. Well done.

Love You Like That is her current single and is quite the jam. The rousing chorus, the contrasting vocal gymnastics, the beat-drop and hand-clap refrain towards the end of the song make it as epically romantic as it sets out to be from the first few moments.

Ultraviolet houses some rousing moments as well. Too Young is the tale of a romance’s quest to fight for and reignite the fire and youth it once captured. Fight Sleep sounds like a jam session done right by a pop starlet with an identity. Backbeat is the original moment of introduction that works without what seems to be a proper chorus; which makes it all the more compelling.

Interestingly though, what is most enthralling about her music is that something as seductive and slinky as Wearing Nothing fits right in with the rollicking musings of her EP Ultraviolet. She has a definite sound… let’s explore.


Dagny is coming to Chicago in April and you should get tickets. (here!)

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