Hits of 2017

When thinking back on the past year and the music that was released, it was hard to recall the bangers released by the “big names” of pop. Frankly, my favorite songs are from the “underdogs” or those not as commercially successful. Like my favorite albums list, this isn’t a ranked order.

BETSY – Waiting

As I described in the album review, Waiting is a brilliant hopeful song regarding finding the one. The vocals are strong, the production exudes optimistic emotion, the lyrics are poignant. Should’ve been a hit.

Emeli Sande – Deep

For some reason, this song reminds me of something Mariah would have released during her Butterfly era. Emeli had posted some IG and Twitter mentions about listening to the album after her divorce, so perhaps that’s why I make the relation? Either way, the lyrics are engaging, the chorus is simple yet effective (SO DEEP!). What I really enjoy about the song is that the lyrics and vocal production really make you feel like you’re in so deep.

Lily Allen – Trigger Bang (ft. Giggs)

Check out my adoration here!

Jessie Ware – Thinking About You

This was a hard decision because the album as a whole, Glasshouse, features some of my favorite music released this calendar year. Jessie is definitely underrated, and I do not understand the disconnect on radio. She’s released some amazing stuff, this being a prime example. It’s about her daughter; however, the production, lyrics and vocal delivery are just otherworldly. Who knew that the expression of feeling of a child could be so… consumable.


PRETTYMUCH – No More (ft. French Montana)

A boy band… I know. But there is something so catchy about this song. The chorus is what really does it for me. It’s a such a jam and really gets me going at the gym, or at home when getting ready for a night out. I am pretty sure they used the same house that TLC used in their Way Back video.

Dagny – Love Your Like That

She has released two great singles this year, and continues to be simply underrated.

Honorable mentions:


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