Trigger Bang: #LyricalBanger

I am a Lily Allen fan. I appreciate how outspoken she is. I appreciate her vocal delivery, her lyrical content, I appreciate her songwriting, and the whole package really. Frankly, she seems very self-aware; which is refreshing, and her lyrics speak to that self-awareness.

Having three top two albums in England and a semblance of a fan base in the USA, Lily has made quite the name for herself since her debut in 2006. Since her first single (Smile) and album (Alright, Still), she has sold roughly 4.5 million albums, and perhaps 500,000-1,000,000 singles (not a math major here).


Trigger Bang featuring London-based rapper Giggs has just been released as an apparent buzz single. It’s a return to form after 2013’s Sheezus (I do love Hard Out Here and URL Badman). The chorus is touches on the pressures of our peer groups:

“That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang; everyone’s a trigger, bang bang bang.” 

The verses touch on her self-awareness:

When I grew up, nothing changed much. Anything went, I was famous. I would wake up next to strangers. Everyone knows what cocaine does, numbing the pain when the shame comes…”

Trigger Bang is what I call a #LyricalBanger. Is it an all out banger? Perhaps not by “banger” standards; but once you listen to it once, you need to listen to it twice. The lyrics are engaging; they paint a picture. It really does recall the Alright, Still and It’s Not Me It’s You Days. Welcome back Lily, we’re ready for LA4.

Here is a Spotify playlist I created of my favorite Lily Allen tracks. Press shuffle and enjoy.

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