Mrs. Maisel & Babs

Amy Sherman-Palladino was extremely formative throughout my teen years due to her heavy involvement in the form of Gilmore Girls. I was destroyed when GG ended the way it did, but I was re-assembled when Amy and Netflix brought it back to life to tie up some loose-ends and create one more for fun. Now Amy has partnered with Amazon Prime Video and has created The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Maisel (the lead played by the talented Rachel Brosnahan) is enjoyable, smart, quick-paced and wonderfully shot. In my honest opinion, I’m enjoying seeing the battles of female comedians and also the moments of rebel-rousing women partake in throughout the season. It’s quite appropriate in this social climate.


Something that has truly struck a chord with me is the music played throughout the first season (why is it only 8 episodes, Amy???).  The music featured is mainly from the era in which the show is depicting. My favorite moment in the show also featured my favorite song played over the course the season, Happy Days Are Here Again by the talented Barbra Streisand.

“The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets” starts off with piano introducing a simple yet powerful song that Babs injects soul into. The complex scene plays out over the three minutes and four seconds song. Moving into their home, packing up boxes, placing furniture, packing furniture, coming home with their newborn, moving the child’s belongings out, celebrating New Years, and finally Mrs. Maisel standing in her living room alone. Wonderfully shot with the song in tow intense emotion is packed into three minutes. Joy and sadness. 

Amazon & Amy: Thank you for Mrs. Maisel, and for introducing me to this brilliant song by Babs. I immediately appreciate you forever (until you fuck up – this is for you Amazon). 

Has anyone streamed the season? What do you think?

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