No, I didn’t misspell Ronny, RHONY is the acronym for Real Housewives of New York, one of my favorite franchises from the Bravo original, Real Housewives series. The women are a mix of original cast members and newbies that function haphazardly through storylines in order to create drama that eventually leads up to the reunion which is the ultimate mutual re-hashment of 6 months of filming, confessionals and review of all.the.drama. I mean, it’s complete trash, but I’d rather watch someone else behave in such manners and avoid acting that way in my own real life. Needless to say, I am addicted.


A little background: Countess Luann is all about class, expensive taste, and always leading with her best foot forward – which now could be quite the pun. She was married to a Count of some European country. She has released three singles (Money Can’t Buy You Class, Chic C’est la Vie, Girl Code) which are all about a lifestyle and the way one should behave.

Christmas 2017 has truly blessed us with breaking news that will surely secure Countess (she’s been divorced once more since divorcing the Count) Luann de Lesseps an apple for another season. Luann was arrested for kicking a cop in Palm Beach, Florida and stating “I going to kill you all,” on Christmas Eve. Now, I am not one to kick another person when they’re already down (has she truly gotten over the divorce, and will she ever be secure enough in herself to be OK being alone??) but this is just too good to be true. I love you Luann, but really?

Naturally, it’s Christmas Eve, it’s snowing and I’m on-call so I can’t do much. I searched Buzzfeed for a RHONY quiz and found one that dates back to 2016. Granted, it includes cast members that aren’t currently on the roster, but I took it anyway.

Apparently I’m Aviva which is truly soul-crushing. I should be running to a therapist. Take it, and indulge me in your results.

Which Real Housewife of New York are you?

Long live Countess Luann de Lesseps. She truly is elegant.

Update: on December 29th, Countess Luann posted a message to her twitter followers stating that she will be entering an alcohol treatment facility. I wish her the best during these trying times. I write in jest, but sincerely send her all the positive energy possible. We love you Luann and we hope for a full recovery, at whichever speed your spirit needs. XO

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