#TBT: Eden’s Crush

There are many things in life that I’ll never understand, and one of them is why Eden’s Crush was never a pop supergroup. It’s 2017 (soon to be 2018) and I am still very much into Eden’s Crush debut masterpiece, Popstars.

I spent years of my life pining for a second single, and a second album… but alas, one day while watching MTV I noticed one of the girls in another girl group (PCD). I was immediately confused because I thought “she’s in Eden’s Crush!!!!” Turns out the group had disbanded after their label folded. Get Over Yourself, their very first single is available for purchase on iTunes but not available on streaming services. Their debut album Popstars is not available on any streaming services, however, is available for purchase on Amazon as a physical compact disc (of note: CD-Roms are basically obsolete).


In honor of #TBT and Eden’s Crush (RIP), let’s revisit some of the lyrical gems on their debut album Popstars

The first track’s title is “What’s Good 4 the Goose”. The chorus includes a lyric: “Wanna know how I feel, here’s the answer. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” A linguist’s tour-de-force. 

On “Anywhere But Here” they plead “I wanna party in New York City, and climb over the China Wall.” A lyrical and physical feat. 

Anywhere But Here strikes again: “You disconnected my heart when she picked up the phone.” Generational awareness.

I Wanna Be Free contains this heart wrenching verse: “On the phone with your friends puttin’ ’em in our business, we might as well go on Jerry Springer and get it off the ringer.” Reconnecting with their TV roots.

“Well red hot masquerade, it was never my shade.” Eden’s Crush: Creators of endorsement deals?

The album ends with You Know I Can, and I knew they could sneak one more in: “I gotta go easy, gotta take my time. I got my arms here waiting to help you cross the line.” Hormones can make us act like fools.

The album leaves me yearning: Where have all the great songwriters gone? Please enjoy the video to their debut single (and brilliant song) Get Over Yourself below:

Where are th

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