Let’s take a moment to talk about Schitt’s Creek. Let’s also take a moment to fully realize that Canadians really have it better right now. The politicians are classy and hunky, Celine still has her voice, Canada has Vancouver on its roster, and then there’s Shania. However, Schitt’s Creek is the latest import from our neighbors and it’s completely insane and AMAZING.


Currently on POP TV, Schitt’s Creek came into my life late last year via Amazon Prime, and now it’s on Netflix for us all obsessed over in a bingeful way.

The show’s premise is based on a once extremely wealthy family who has everything seized by the government due to the mismanagement of their funds by they’re financial planner. The only asset they maintain is Schitt’s Creek, a town they purchased as a joke for their son. They take retreat in that town with little money, but privileged minds intact. It’s a hilarious ride for us all. The talented cast is entirely Canadian and includes the wonderful Catherina O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy.

So back to me. I was en route to work in a cab this morning and I finally took the Buzzfeed quiz “Take This Quiz If You’re Dying To Know Which “Schitt’s Creek” Character You Are Most Like”. Among the swerves and switches of lanes in the morning traffic, I input the choices asked and found that I mostly resemble the family’s completely out-of-touch but endearing mother, Moira.


According to Buzzfeed, here’s why I’m most like her:

Like Moira you have a slight flair for the dramatics and also like to be the center of attention. But that doesn’t mean you’re not loving, and there for your friends and family whenever they need you.

Can’t argue with the truth.

Watch Schitt’s Creek NOW! Then take the quiz yourself. Who are you most like?

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