I’d Rather Not | Emeli Sande

Long Live The Angels is Emeli Sande’s follow-up to her multi-platinum debut, Our Version of Events. LLTA was my favorite album of 2016 and I’ve been comparing it to an onion because it is an album that truly has many layers. Each time I listen to the album again, I pick up subtleties that I had noticed before. I find a new favorite song, or I just appreciate something else about a song I already love. The album hasn’t been received as well as OVOE on the sales front, but critically, it has gained much applause.

One of the album’s stand outs is I’d Rather Not. It’s a soft, yet hard-hitting affair that describes the narrator’s battle with their ex-partner. It’s a tale of the narrator describing the blows of the ending of a relationship, only to find that the person wants to “try again”, after the narrator has repaired themselves from the damage.

The lyrics are eloquent (“see now my heart’s a Frankenstein, super-glued after your dynamite”), the production is exquisite (that harp!!!!!!), and Emeli’s voice just takes charge and emotes the meaning properly.

Emeli will be starting her LLTA tour in March throughout England, and also starting a European tour in October. No word yet as to when she’ll be in the States. However, I am personally voyaging to London to see her in Birmingham in a few weeks. Emeli, I’m expecting a high-five and a good hug. Look out for the CHICAGO sign. XO

Long Live the Angels is out now. It deserves to be heard and loved, as much as I love it.

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