OTM: Worship ft. MNEK


Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson make up the DJ duo that is The Knocks. Based out of New York City and known for creating songs that blend disco, pop, EDM and electronic dance music. Their current EP Testify, which was released Friday February 3rd, contains what has to be one of the best songs of their career, the title track Testify.

Worship features vocals from MNEK whose tone perfectly suits the production. The song is literally chock-full of one liners that could be turned into t-shirts, hashtags, greeting cards and love notes. “I’ve made my decision, you are my religion” is the opening line. THIS IS THE PERFECT OPENING LINE!  “I could praise for hours (PRAISE!).” This song is pure perfection.

The chorus is rousing, the production value is insanely genius. Frankly, it’s an orgasm for the ears; which is what the Knocks have created in the past (Magic, Modern Hearts, Kiss the Sky, Collect My Love, The Feeling, the list could go on). This needs to be released as a single  immediately and properly serviced to all radio stations across this great nation that Gaga has unified.

Twitter: The Knocks

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