Which Mandy Moore Album Are You?

By the end of 2016 I was extremely grateful for This Is Us, because it single-handedly brought Mandy Moore’s career back to life. It had gotten bleak for Mandy after multiple failed TV pilots; her most recent album, though quite wonderful, failed to impress on the charts and sales front. I thought I had seen the last of Mandy, but alas, here I am!

So now it’s time to decide… which Mandy Moore album are you?

So Real


Are you carefree, stylish, playful, fun, celebratory, and cheerful? This is you. You’re innocent aren’t you? You may still play up that coy-innocent-yet-flirty card up, but you’re good at it. Maybe a little too good for your own good. It may get a bit saccharine after a while, but we’ll let you stay longer anyway. You’re just like candy.

Mandy Moore


Your friends describe you as theatrical, sentimental, sophisticated, sweet and stylish. You’re an exotic person who really embraces the worldly aspects around you. You’ve matured since we last saw you, and it shows. But behind the stoic and muted faces, you’re still sweet and innocent, just learning more about yourself as time passes.

Wild Hope


Rebel yell! Well, more like a rebel yawn for some; but this magical opus was a turning point. Warm, yearning, ambitious, melancholy, romantic, wistful, summery, and reflective are all words that would describe this artistic departure for Mandy. Are you the wild child that broke the mold and paved the way for a new you? Extraordinary attempt!

Amanda Leigh


This is serious. You’ve flown the commercial coupe and you want to be your true, most-original self. You’re at your most gentle, ambient, intimate, soothing, warm, wistful and earnest moment in life. Not everyone can appreciate a self-aware moment. But you can definitely appreciate that fact that you own your heart and can break anyone’s any day of the week. You’re in control of your emotions and can bear them to anyone willing to listen.

So… which Mandy are you?

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