This week’s Of the Moment includes some more of The XX. Their new album was released yesterday, January 13th, 2017, and is really somewhat of a departure in a sense. I’ve been listening to some of the best music 2016 brought to us as a pop market. Don’t expect too many new things this week, but just expect some good stuff.

Ariana Grande – Into You

Though Into You didn’t reach the heights Side To Side has, it is a BANGER. The build-up, the chorus, the voice; it all culminates into a great song. Dangerous Woman brought Ariana back from the misstep that was Focus. She has released great singles off a truly great pop-album. Into You deserved to be a number one; however, it peaked at number 13, but we’ll always have streaming and iTunes to keep it close to our heart and ears.

The XX – I Dare You

First debuted to us during their performance on SNL, I Dare You was an elusive and mesmerizing track. The album, I See You, only gave us one pre-order track, Say Something Loving. The album was finally released and the album version of I Dare You finally was able to infiltrate our headspace. “I’m in love with it,” is the first line, and is an instant heart wrenching plea for love, from love.

The Veronicas – In My Blood

In a sense, it was a departure; however, we all saw it coming the minute Lolita was released. The Veronicas would never be painted into a genre’s corner. In My Blood was a massive number one hit for them in their native Australia. The ladies are creative and really include thought when delivering a single – it’s a whole package. Still waiting for the album though…

Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl

That’s My Girl should’ve been much bigger than it was. I am convinced their label is not even trying (EPIC!). Granted, there was drama behind the scenes and it seems like they are swiftly moving onto their next project. That’s My Girl was the Destiny’s Child song we needed but haven’t gotten in years. Fifth Harmony is working on the followup to their current album.

The KnocksTrouble (ft. Absofacto)

The Knocks are back with a return-to-roots moment. Off their upcoming EP Testify, Trouble is song that showcases what they do best. It’s just good dance music that is accessible to the pop listener. It’s lush, rich, and interesting. They do good, really well. Looking forward to the EP. Their debut album 55 gained critical support by testing out different genres. They’ve made quite the name for themselves on the dance scene. I’ve been following them for over 10 years. They’re great crafters of pop music. I am proud of who they are.


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