Nicola Roberts: Sticks + Stones

“Couldn’t you tell lies to me? Couldn’t you say I’m pretty? Not that’s enough.” – Sticks + Stones

Soft notes from a keyboard lead you into a stirring song that simultaneously encapsulates despairing-nostalgia and attempts at self-repair. Sticks + Stones is an extremely self-conscious piece of art that dives deep into the past of what seemingly should’ve been glorious, but was dark and destructive at the same time.

“How funny that I was too young for so many things; yet, you thought I’d cope with being told I’m ugly.” – Sticks + Stones

Nicola Roberts: Who knew she was an artist with such a strong lyrical voice. Originally, Nicola came into the spotlight as one fifth of the massively successful UK girl-group Girls Aloud. Nicola was the sole red-head in the group, and had skin that was similar to porcelain. Her voice provided a unique tone to the group’s harmonies and vocal production. She is truly one of a kind. Her real persona and voice was fully realized when she released her debut solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes.

“I’m scared of parties, scared of nightmares, scared I’ll lose control.” – I

Unfortunately, it’s not available on US iTunes (fix this please, Nicola); however, you can purchase it via import on Amazon. The album is a spectacular piece of Brit Pop that’s brilliantly upbeat and fun, and also demure and serious at the same time. The glimmering moments like singles Beat of My Drum and Lucky Day bring so much life into your speakers, ears or room. Songs like Sticks + Stones, Say It Out Loud, and I bring wise and thoughtful lyrics that showcase the reality of being insecure.

“How many times have you heard them all saying: hush little babe, don’t overreact. Keep it all in, and hold it all back.” – Say It Out Loud

The entire album is a success and a trip down this fascinating mind and point of view. Cinderella’s Eyes is a special album to anyone who has insecurities, or who has felt as if they were just an accessory; an oversight really.

Frankly, the album pops into my head when I want to listen to something different. Life reminds me to listen to it when I feel different and less-than at places like the gym, or after a day of work where my needs just don’t even get noticed. It’s a poignant album full of lyrics I adore.

“Had to wake up from my nightmare.” – Cinderella’s Eyes

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