OTM, short for Of The Moment, will be a weekly list of my top 5 songs of the week. How do I come up with these songs? I go through my iTunes/iMusic and see what was most played. The first week of January sounded a bit like this…

Destiny’s Child – Survivor

Basically, while at one of my friend’s house last night we played the vinyl version of Survivor by Destiny’s Child. Survivor is in like every marathon mix, ever. The title track of the album is a gem even about ten years later. God bless DC.

The XX – On Hold

Truth be told, I never really got into them until this song. Perhaps it’s the larger production scale. Their attempt to go more mainstream? Perhaps. Is it still distinct in nature to their original sound and muse? Yes. The album drops on January 13th. Looking forward to see what else it brings.

Craig David – Ain’t Giving Up

After revisiting his discography due to last week’s FBF post, I discovered his new album, which is packed full of jams. Ain’t Giving Up is a current, on trend, Trop Pop track; however, his smooth voice and the bright melodies make this a memorable, feel-good jam. Following My Intuition is out now.

JoJo – FAB. (ft. Remy Ma)

JoJo returned this year after a 10 year battle with her old record label. When she released new music, it proved to be worth the wait. FAB.’s parent album, Mad Love., is full of confident tracks that prove her talent both vocally and lyrically.

Erika Jayne – How Many Fucks

I do love me some Erika Jayne. Warming up to the song itself took some time. How Many Fucks finally clicked when I realized that it’s about confidence and when it played on my iPod (yes, iPod) at the gym. It was the confidence boast I needed when I started to feel weak and skinny amongst a sea of roiled men. Erika gets better with every track. Xxpensive, her next single, is due out sometime soon!

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