Coldplay – Xylo Myloto

Coldplay has been a staple in my album catalogue since the days of their first album, Parachute. Their penchant for the melancholy and their ear for an amazing melody made their first albums worldwide hits. Their first four albums alone sold over fifty-five million albums worldwide. They became a force within the music business.


What made me a true Coldplay fan though, was Xylo Myloto. Many would probably disagree with what I’m about to write; but I felt like this is when Coldplay let their bright colors shine. Maybe it was a switch in perspective, but this album injected some life into their music. They were a band known for their piano, guitar, drums and vocal tracks. Amazing discography, no doubt; but Mylo Xyloto was just this bright moment in music for me.

The music instantly ignites the moment the album begins with it’s instrumental opener Mylo Xyloto. It instantly touches you. The music throughout the album is hopeful, pensive at times, but endlessly hopeful. Hurts like Heaven, Charlie Brown, Every Teardrop, Don’t Let it Break Your Heart just take you on this journey.

The Mylo Xyloto tour was the cherry on top. It could’ve been that I really needed to hear some healing music after a really personally trying week, but their live show opened my eyes to their craft. Coldplay does come across as a band who truly shines in a live setting, though. Chris Martin involves himself with the crowd more than most artists I’ve seen do. Their setlist was beyond perfect; blending their past and new discography seamlessly. They could easily create a greatest hits album and sell millions of copies as self-help tracks to cure the blues. Their discography is a journey through love, lost, tension and peace. Coldplay lets themselves bleed on record – which is a trait not many artists have.

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