In April of 2000, Craig David released his first official single, Fill Me In. The song was a mix of R&B, 2-Step Garage and was a fresh sound among the markets of the UK and US. Craig has gone to say that the song as a light commentary oh “helicopter parenting” which had become a hot topic in the current social climate.

Fill Me In, off his debut album Born to Do It, introduced Craig to the UK and US markets and made quite the splash. Selling over 490,000 copies in his home base of England, and reaching the Top 20 in the US, Craig was on his way to booming a palpable star in both places. Craig continued the hit singles with follow-up 7 Days which became an ever bigger hit for him in  the US and reached the top spot in the UK. Walking Away, Rendezvous continued his success in the UK.

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